12th Class Notes

Chapter 1a: Electrostatic Force
Chapter 1b: Electric Field
Chapter 1c: Electrostatic Potential and Gauss’s Theorem
Chapter 1d: Electrostatic Potential and Gauss’s Theorem
Chapter 2a: Electric Current And Resisitance

Chapter 2b: Electric Measurements
Chapter 2c: Heating Effects of Currentrements
Chapter 3a: Magnetic Field Due to Current
Chapter 3b: Force on Charged Particle in Electric and Magnetic Field
Chapter 3c: Magnets and Earth's Magnetism
  • Introduction
  • The Bar Magnet
  • Some Basics of Magnetism
  • The Magnetic Field Lines
  • Properties of Magnetic Field Lines
  • Magnetic Dipole
  • Magnetic Field Strength at a Point Due to Bar Magnet
  • Current Loop as a Magnetic Dipole
  • Bar Magnet as an Equivalent Solenoid
  • Torque on a Bar Magnet in a Magnetic Field
  • Potential Energy of a magnetic Dipole in a Magnetic Field
  • Electrostatics Analogue of Magnetism
  • Magnetic Field of Earth
  • Cause of Earth's Magnetism
  • General Features of Earth's Magnetic Field
  • Magnetic elements
  • Variation of Earth Magnetic Field
  • Neutral Points
  • The Tangent Law in Magnetism
  • Tangent Galvanometer