Thursday, November 22, 2012

Electric Dipole

An electric dipole is a pair of equal and opposite point charges q and –q, separated by a distance 2a. The line connecting the two charges defines a direction in space.

By convention, the direction from –q to q is said to be the direction of the dipole. The mid-point of locations of –q and q is called the centre of the dipole.

The total charge of the electric dipole is obviously zero. This does not mean that the field of the electric dipole is zero.

 The electric field due to a dipole  falls off, at large distance, faster than like 1/r 2 (the dependence on r of the field due to a single charge q).

The electric field produced by a dipole is known as dipole field.

Some of these questions which may be asked in your Board Examination 2012-2013

Q1: what are the characteristic of charges acquired by the objects on rubbing against each other?

Q2: Who suggested first that there are two kinds of charges?

Q3: How can you show that there are two types of charges?

Q4: An ebonite rod is rubbed with the fur or wool. What type of charges do they acquire?

Q5Is mass of body affected on charging?

Q6: What is the polarity of charge?

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  2. Why we are taking distance 2a answer plz