Monday, November 26, 2012

Electrostatic Potential

Work done per unit test charge is characteristic of the electric field associated with the charge configuration. This leads to the idea of electrostatic potential V due to a given charge configuration.

Work done by external force in bringing a unit positive charge from point R to P

where VP and VR are the electrostatic potentials at P and R, respectively.

Work done by an external force in bringing a unit positive charge from infinity to a point = electrostatic potential (V) at that point.

 In other words, the electrostatic potential (V) at any point in a region with electrostatic field is the work done in bringing a unit positive charge (without acceleration) from infinity to that point.

SI unit of Potential difference is Volt. 1V=1Nm C-1

Some of these questions which may be asked in your Board Examination 2012-2013

Q1: When a plastic comb is passed through dry hair, what type of charge is acquire by comb?

Q2: Does motion of a body affect its charge

What is the origin of frictional forces

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